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7 Glasgow Road, Cambuslang

An elderly neighbour of mine is desparately seeking a photograph of her first home with her husband at 7 Glasgow Road, Cambuslang. Sadly her husband was killed in a car accident a couplke of years ago, and she is looking to add this photo to an album she has compiled depicting their life together.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: 7 Glasgow Road, Cambuslang

If it is just the picture of the house not including the husband that the lady is looking for; if you sign into they have a virtual picture of just about every street and house in the UK (and many other countries)
If you have a problem connecting to the site, I am sure Ed or someone will be able to assist you.
Best wishes and good luck
James Harvey

Your location Goa India

Re: 7 Glasgow Road, Cambuslang


Have a look at newly posted photos at