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Old Cambuslang
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The institute and the halfway co-hall were not frequent venues for my friends and myself,in the mid 1950's, although we did use use them both for organised functions more often it was the halfway co-hall on special friday late nights,{8pm till 1 or 2am}organised by cambuslang harriers,with the Reilly family .as stalwarts of the club prominent in the organising of the event. I remember these as wonderfull nights,with very good dance music provided by the "jimmy millarvie orchestra",tickets were 4/-shilling {£0.20} no one was admited after 10.30pm,and most of the girls would refuse your dance request if you reeked of alcohol.{changed days}
The prefered saturday night dancing required a trip to Croftfoot Gym, this meant a train journey from Kirkhill station to Croftfoot station, the hall was only 150 yard from the station and was a rather spartan gym hallbut the talent was good, {i met my wife there}it was trouble free,and the music was good.most often provided by the excellent jimmy millarvie musicians.
The Gym was very popular and you had to arrive early in order to get in.

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