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Re: P5M frozen in Willoughby Bay??


I remember not being able to come home because the bay was frozen, but I don't think it was one of our boats that was trapped -- maybe VP-56? As I remember, those of us not on regular flight crews had been ferried by VR-22, and I think we spent some days waiting in Nassau or Bermuda (I guess the feeling was that there was no point having us back in Norfolk without the planes).

You mention Schoenberger. Didn't know him too well at the time, but I remember a BIG friendly guy (mech, I think). Hello to him if he sees this.


Jim ("mac")

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Replying to:

Does anyone here have info about a P5M that got frozen in Willoughby Bay? It happened while most of the squadron was on deployment (Springboard) with the Albermarle in San Juan. Jim Schoenberger and I have discussed this, and he seems to think it was LM4 with AD1 Felix as plane captian while I seem to remember that the plane was from either VP-45 or VP-49 from Bermuda... Any info will be appreciated - if you have a picture of this please let us know. Thanks, Clay