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What's next?

The support Edaville received through this discussion group, the chat room and the FAQ section was phenomenal. So, to help ensure we don't have to all go through this again, here are the next steps we ALL should take:
1. Pay close attention to the website
2. Check the official schedule once it is published
3. Make plans to visit Edaville early and often
4. Contact all your friends and tell THEM to visit Edaville early and often
5. Invite all your family members to visit you during Edaville's operating days, and bring them all to Edaville
6. Tell everyone you see that Edaville is back and will be better than ever
By following these simple steps, we can all help Edaville survive. That shouldn't be too hard, should it?

- s -

Re: What's next?


Re: Re: What's next?

Savery, geat idea! Thats what Edaville needs is more guests and visitors to come to Edaville and tell their friends and family about Edaville. Let them know that it will be open.

And hopefully the weather will be a bit better this season.


Re: Re: Re: What's next?

The best way for Edaville to bring in more visitors is for the management to concentrate on GIVING THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT

Thomas is great for a one weekend a year event, but it isn't something to plan a whole season around. Find out what atmosphere it is that the general public wants - not just us railfans - John Q Public at Large, and deliver it!

Re: Re: Re: Re: What's next?

Management in the form of Brenda and Rob will continue to offer what the people want. Who better than these two individuals to team up and lead the new Edaville. They have literally "heard it all" over the years, the positive and the negative. They have the experience, the commitment and the people skills.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's next?

We Totally Agree 100 % with Baily's Statement but who is going to fund them? It takes big bucks to run this kind of operation and we know ! Brenda and Robbie have the skills without any doubt,but who is the money person,and will they stay out of their business and let the two of them run Edaville as they know it should be run or are they just pupets? We shall see !. We hope that they are left alone and get to run it they're way without any interfeerence .Then we beleive Edaville will survive and even GROW !.We wish them ALL THE BEST !

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's next?

How true the money problems. They will have to pay COD for everything if they are lucky to get a supplier that will sell to them.

After you lose $40,000 you are not exactly excited about future business with the RR. They will take all the heat for the former operators.

R Bellingham

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's next?

Unfortunately you are probably correct on this matter,and both Brenda and Robbie will have a tough hill to climb because of the previous history with the rail roads past. However ! I would not discount the integrity factor that both of them bring to the table. Also you would be hard pressed to find a better manager than Brenda Johnson,God didn't make them any better. She's bright, stabil and tough and most importantly she has what I like to call CAT LUCK ! she can fall 9 stories and always wind up on her feet,Very important asset in this business. Then couple it with the good qualities of Rob Julian and its quite a team.Granted no-one likes getting jipped out of their money and there is definitly a bad sense of credit towards EDA. from a vendors point,but none the less I think if they talk to the new people they will reach the same conclusion that most of us already have and that is that this is a entire new game with new players and it's a new season and they are not the EDA. of old and should not be penalized by past issues ,that had nothing to do with them . As for them having to start out COD with some people ,it may happen but once they establish themselves with these people I'm sure they will have a great relationship and will soon be on an open account and have new venders to work with. All they need is a FAIR CHANCE ! and some GOOD WEATHER wouldn't hurt any either.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's next?

Wouldn't a longer season help, too? Like opening just before July 4th weekend? We always visited the original Edaville when we were vacationing on Cape Cod, and many other tourists did the same. A mention in Trains magazine, Model Railroader, etc. wouldn't hurt, either. The only question would be how bad an effect the high gas prices will have on tourism this summer.

Re: What's next?

SandyR -

At this point I believe Edaville has to generate high income with low overhead. The way to do this is by opening only when there are sure crowd-pleasers, such as the National Cranberry Festival and the Holiday Festival of Lights. This will allow Edaville to get on their feet financially which will ultimately lead to a longer schedule.

Right now, opening in July with little advance publicity would probably not generate very much business, and might create situations where employees outnumber visitors on certain days.

I think Brenda and Rob will put together a good business plan and will start Edaville on the road to profitability. Once that happens, the marketing and expanded schedule will follow.

Just my thoughts.

- s -

Re: Re: What's next?

Although I agree with some of what has been said, people are going to expect the place to be open every weekend. I would imagine lots of folks are going to show up on weekends, only to be turned away at the gate. (not everyone has a computer) Nope, the best thing to do is just open as soon as possible.

"Can't make a dime if you're closed all the time."

Re: Re: Re: What's next?

Please post on beginning page of website that the railrod is closed. It would help peaople trying to plan for the summer vacations with kids.

Re: What's next?

We don't know exactly when the park will open for the season. Placing a "closed" notice on the home page sends a wrong message.

Perhaps we can place one that says "Keep checking back for 2004 schedule."

The webmaster is currently away but will be back Sunday. At that point we'll see what we can do.

Thanks for your suggestion.

- s -

Re: Re: What's next?

My concern with posting CLOSED people will think we are never going to open again. Therefore the wording has to be done very carefully.

We will be opening September 4 & 5 and weekends until October 11

Then in Mid November thru Early January.

The prices are $16.00 Adults and $14.00 children (3-12) and Seniors (60+)

We are working on a pass program, however it will not be announced until August 1, 2004, if the details are available earlier we will post them on the website.

Re: Re: Re: What's next?

Hi Brenda,

Best Wishes to you and your partner on this new venture!

I suggest you select wording that reflects the positive and upbeat nature of the event.

Something like:
"The Fun Returns ..."

"The Depot Re-opens ..."

"The Trains Arrive ..."

... something along those lines.

Best Regards and Wishes,

Re: What's next?

Hey Glenn -

This website's already got an editor !!!

- s -

Re: Re: What's next?


Re: Re: Re: Re: What's next?

Brenda, thank you for your post. We all wish you great success in this new endeavor.

Also, I agree with Glenn's analysis and advice. It's just that "Steaming into Summer!" sounds better than "see you in September"...cause I for one miss Edaville in the summer! (but I guess I can wait 'til next year!)