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NOTE: On June 18th, 2008, Sony BMG/ Legacy Recordings released the long awaited reissue of Dennis Wilson's masterwork, the acclaimed 1977 solo album Pacific Ocean Blue. Aside from a brief CD release in 1992, this is the first time this album has been widely available to the public since it's first appearance. Included in this release is a second disc packed with previously unreleased material from sessions leading up to a second solo album, tentatively titled BAMBU.

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Different Drummer

I found a video of Dennis Singing Never Learn Not to Love (My Favorite song) Anyways why is Carl playing drums? I thought he was the lead Guitarist of the Beach Boys and where was Brian Wilson in this?

Watch the Video on what i mean


Re: Different Drummer

Dennis obviously didn't feel like singing lead AND drumming, probably simple as that

Re: Different Drummer

And as for "where was Brian"....surely you know he didnt do shows at that point in their history?

Re: Different Drummer

LOL - clearly some people don't !

Re: Different Drummer

You really don't know anything at all about The Beach Boys, do you ?

Re: Different Drummer

Why would you say that? I know alot on the Beach Boys. Some bands have the drummer playing the drums and singing lead vocals just like John Stamos did in Full House so why would Carl play drums and dennis singing lead on Never Learn not to Love. You sir did not answer the whole question on this site

Re: Different Drummer

You also asked why Brian wasn't there, in 1968. If you really knew "alot on The Beach Boys", you wouldn't have done that.

As for why Carl mimed drums and DW sang lead out front... it's on TV. Use your brain.

Re: Different Drummer

To what i know was the line up of the Beach Boys was

Mike Love Lead Vocals
Brian on Bass
Al on Rytham Guitar
Carl on Lead Guitar
Bruce on Keyboards or Guitar
Dennis on Drums

So again carl should be playing guitar not drums

Re: Different Drummer

You just proved my point - you know almost nothing about The Beach Boys.

From 1971 to 1974, Dennis played keyboards, not drums. Go find out why that was.

Re: Different Drummer

He severed his hand from a Plate Window. Why are you so mean to me

Re: Different Drummer

Because you ask stupid questions, which anyone with basic BB knowledge should know, yet claim you know 'alot' about them. And because I'm a mean person.

And no, he didn't sever his hand. He severed the tendons in his hand: big difference.

As for why Brian wasn't on the 1969 TV broadcast... here's a freebie - by that time, he'd only played live with them twice since spring 1965 and hadn't appeared with the others on TV since fall 1965.

Re: Different Drummer

You gotta admit AGD, Viper keeps us entertained on this site for no other reason that his ignorance is highly amusing.I confess I find it just as frustrating that someone can ask such dumb questions ... but we all have to give a bit of slack sometimes.
Never Learn Not To Love - indeed

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