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NOTE: On June 18th, 2008, Sony BMG/ Legacy Recordings released the long awaited reissue of Dennis Wilson's masterwork, the acclaimed 1977 solo album Pacific Ocean Blue. Aside from a brief CD release in 1992, this is the first time this album has been widely available to the public since it's first appearance. Included in this release is a second disc packed with previously unreleased material from sessions leading up to a second solo album, tentatively titled BAMBU.

So, have you heard the new release? What do you think? What surprised you? Do you have questions? Reviews? Opinions? - they are all welcome here.

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Almost 12 Months On........

...and I'm still listening to POB/Bambu....in fact I'm playing it now.

I love a lot of different types of music, mostly the rock genre, but Dennis' stuff is by far my favourite of all. Greatest album of all time?

For me, yes.

But I'd still like more!

Re: Almost 12 Months On........

Be patient... I've got a feeling that this upcoming documentary might kick things in gear for releasing his BB period stuff...

Re: Almost 12 Months On........

Lots of titles still haven't seen a release ... "Wouldn't It Be Nice To Live Again" being the much-desired choice for many but I one for one would love to hear the unfinished studio track (no vocals were recorded) for "I've Got A Friend" ...

Re: Almost 12 Months On........

The track for "I've Got A Friend" is outstanding... but "(WIBNT)LA" is hands down one of the top three tracks from the vaults that I've heard in all my years as a BB fan/researcher/whatever. Utterly majestic.

Re: Almost 12 Months On........

Andrew G. Doe
"(WIBNT)LA" is hands down one of the top three tracks from the vaults that I've heard in all my years as a BB fan/researcher/whatever. Utterly majestic.

Any chance of an idea where it might be "available"?

Re: Almost 12 Months On........

Not soon enough - but if you'd like a really, really good cover, get Adam Marsland's LONG PROMISED ROAD - SONGS OF CARL & DENNIS WILSON live CD of a couple of years back. Get it anyway, iffn you're a DW fan.

Re: Almost 12 Months On........

Had a listen to the snippets on Amazon.com........
Think I'll wait for an "official" release

Re: Almost 12 Months On........

I hope you're right, Eddie. More is good when it comes to DW music.

Patience won't be a problem for most of us, given the long wait for the POB/Bambu release.

Re: Almost 12 Months On........

The Dennis music i like most is the , Lady - Barbara - Ive got a friend ,period style , i really hope they find more frome that period and release it soon ! :-)
POB cant compare to this.

Re: Almost 12 Months On........

Yeah, I'm still hearing the POB/Bambu set too! Almost 12 months, and I listen this stuff every day, or every week.
I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I'll make a special show for my girlfriend with some favorite songs of us, and I'll play the song Are You Real. This is my favorite, with Love Remember Me. Both are really fantastic!
Now, I'm listening Fallin' In Love, enjoying the new release and hoping for more DW stuff, solo or BB period.

Re: Almost 12 Months On........

Yes, the two discs are still in my car's changer.
To this day, I am most pleasantly surprised with the Taylor Hawkin's version of Holy Man. When I first heard this was happening, i was like "huh" now way, you have to be kidding me." And now, I cannot imagine life without it.
But perhaps the most amazing this is this: My two-and-a-half year old son knows this music, and asks "Daddy, Daddy, River song?" Considering how many years this music languished in the bad-sounding boot areas of my music collection, I sit here at 40 years old and cannot believe my son asks for these songs by name, and I can push the button on the CD player and play them for him.
Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Steve T

ps - I'd love to find out what Dennis' survivors now think of all of this? And, I certainly hope someone close to Dennis is making some money from all of this. Because they deserve that.

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