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Beach Boys in UK early 70s

Evening all. Just wondering if anyone out there can help. I am a lifelong BBs, and in particular Dennis, fan. Although I have a 'day job' I am also a part-time writer for TV and have worked on shows for both BBC and ITV.

I have for some time been working up a 'romantic comedy' style script based around a visit the BBs paid to the UK in the early 1970s. Dennis is the focal point of the drama. The idea triggered from brief footage of the band playing what appeared to be a concert in an old people's home, which was shown on either the 'Endless Harmony' or 'Wouldn't it be Nice' documentaries (possibly both) which aired on UK terrestrial TV a few years ago.

The bizarre sight of the band doing their stuff in front of an audience of bemused OAPs struck me as amusing. Presumably the footage stemmed from the early 1970s era when the band were at a low commercial ebb.

Since I would like my screenplay to have a reasonably solid factual basis, I am trying to find out more about the circumstances surrounding this footage. I heard a rumour once that the show took place in Leeds, and Jimmy Saville was supposed to have been involved in setting it up (really hope that bit's true!). Other than that, I know nothing.

Can anyone shed any light on the above? If so, please let me know.

Re: Beach Boys in UK early 70s

Hi Simon,
The footage you are referring to was in the Wouldn't It Be Nice documentary from 2004. I was a consultant on that film and have just co-produced a Dennis Wilson documentary for BBC TV with the same director. The footage is from 1969 or 1970 I believe and yes, Jimmy Saville is the emcee of the event and was involved. The fact that it occurred at a low ebb for the Beach Boys isn't really true in the UK. It certainly was a bad time for them in the U.S., but the BB's were a good draw and were still charting records at a respectable level in the UK. The documentary kind of played up the fact that they played at an old folks home as if it was something to do with their lack of popularity at the time, but I think if you check the facts, the event was a charitable appearance, something the band did a lot of...in the states as well. The fact that there is footage of this is really the only thing that sets it apart from the other many charitable events at prisons, hospitals etc... that the Beach Boys were often doing. But as far as booking concerts and selling tickets, the Beach Boys were doing just fine with that in the UK and Europe during this period. I hope this helps your perspective on the subject.
Take Care, Jon

Re: Beach Boys in UK early 70s

the Jimmy Savile -arranged performance was, I thought, in a hospital, not an old folks home

Re: Beach Boys in UK early 70s

Thanks all for the prompt replies, in particular to Jon for the background info which clarifies my understanding of the circumstances a good deal.

I must admit I wasn't aware of the DW documentary airing in July so I will certainly look out for that.

Thanks again - great website.

Re: Beach Boys in UK early 70s

According to the excellent Beach Boys book by Keith Badman, the Beach Boys played at The King Edward Nurses Home at Leeds General Infirmary on the afternoon of June 8th 1969.

Apparently they only bought 3 acoustic guitars and a set of drumsticks with them but they managed to put on a 75 minute set that thrilled the staff of the hospital

Re: Beach Boys in UK early 70s

Nurses Home, rather than Nursing Home, maybe that's where the old folk entered the equation...although the footage does kind of look nursing( or old folks)home-ish. I also recall Dennis playing maracas in the footage.

Re: Beach Boys in UK early 70s

Yeah, there's a great shot in that footage of him dancing around with maracas. Was that bit used in the doc., though? Your memory of where things are used is better than mine. I tend think of footage in it's full context.

Re: Beach Boys in UK early 70s

Yeah there's a snippet where you can see him with the maracas in WIBN.

Re: Beach Boys in UK early 70s

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