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NOTE: On June 18th, 2008, Sony BMG/ Legacy Recordings released the long awaited reissue of Dennis Wilson's masterwork, the acclaimed 1977 solo album Pacific Ocean Blue. Aside from a brief CD release in 1992, this is the first time this album has been widely available to the public since it's first appearance. Included in this release is a second disc packed with previously unreleased material from sessions leading up to a second solo album, tentatively titled BAMBU.

So, have you heard the new release? What do you think? What surprised you? Do you have questions? Reviews? Opinions? - they are all welcome here.

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Stebbins to Write Beach Boys Edition

Stebbins to write Beach Boys edition for Backbeat Books

Author Jon Stebbins has been signed to Backbeat Books, an imprint of the Hal Leonard Publishing Group, to write the Beach Boys edition for their popular FAQ book series. The FAQ series is subtitled “All That’s Left to Know and More” with an emphasis on digging deeply into the details and minutia of the evolution of the band and its recordings. Books covering The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and others have either been released or are on the horizon for Backbeat’s FAQ series. The Beach Boys FAQ title will be among the most extensive volumes in the series with Stebbins meticulously investigating the entire 50-year history of the band. The approximately 400-page book will be illustrated with rare photos and memorabilia images.

Stebbins also has a revised and updated edition of his Dennis Wilson – The Real Beach Boy book in the works, as well as a new collaboration in development with New York writer Howie Edelson. The Beach Boys FAQ will be the first of the three books to see release, as Backbeat expects it in the market prior to The Beach Boys 50th anniversary year of 2011.

Re: Stebbins to Write Beach Boys Edition

Thanks for this post Ed! This is great news! The David Marks book was proof that Jon is the man for the job: digging up the real truth about the Beach Boys history, and not repeating the same old time honored and tired stories that, as we've seen, are usually incorrect in some way. Whenever people ask me about a great Beach Boys history to read (it happens more than one would expect) I always say "Read REAL BEACHBOY and the DAVID MARKS story one ofter the other....that will give you a TRUE taste of the history - now, all the spaces between those books will be filled, and fans won't have to scour the used bookstores (is there such a thing anymore?) for old copies of out of print and out of date volumes! yea, I'm excited...I've honestly been waiting for this announcement since the day I put down "Real Beach Boy". Congrats Jon! (I'm confident that the text will surprise me...I hope the photos do, to!)

Re: Stebbins to Write Beach Boys Edition

Can't wait to add these to my collection......my Beach Boys books mean a lot to me now I've lost my record collection (long, painful story)

Perhaps we could send a signed copy to the institution that's holding Judith?

Re: Stebbins to Write Beach Boys Edition

Way to go Jon - Keeping the story alive!!!

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