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Wounded Military Dog in high kill shelter in TN

I just got a heartbreaking facebook post about a wounded warrior dog...I know nothing about what you guys do..but wanted to pas it on so he can be given the honor he deserves!

Help..Wounded warrior dog at high kill shelter.
Our information about Cuvo is as follows: He is about 8 years old and is a wounded warrior. He is military service trained in search & rescue, blind service, and detection of guns, drugs, and bombs. He lost his right eye to an attack and has some damage to his right ear and head. He seems nice and wants a good home.
Pet ID: D18 #27711 • Spayed/Neutered • House trained • Special Needs • Primary
colors: Brown or Chocolate, Black • Coat length: Medium

From: "lhitchens tds.net"

Date: July 1, 2013 11:18:58 AM EDT

Subject: ATHENS TN-- Military German Shepherd Dog at McMinn Animal Shelter in Athens, TN

Please help this dog if you have the room ! Something about this is not right - I cannot imagine how THIS dog ended up in the shelter. Would you please cross post as well.


McMinn Regional Humane Society, Athens, TN


Re: Wounded Military Dog in high kill shelter in TN

Okay-- Just found out a rescue group got him out. Wheww...
Glad to know you guys are here though. Dogs deserve so much better than they get!

Re: Wounded Military Dog in high kill shelter in TN

To All,

This story is bogus.

Investigations have reveiled that this dog is not a Trained MWD, not a "Wounded Warrior", not a goverment abandoned MWD, and not a trained service dog.

The person who posted this story was just trusting a facebook story she read.

No doubt this dog desirved a decent home, and no one would object to that, but misleading the public with the story that the Animal Shelter in Athen, TN posted is a shame, and a disgrace.

Shame on you !!!!!!

Semper Fi
Perry C. Money