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College Thesis Research


My name is Katie Fitzpatrick. I am a junior history education major, who is working on her undergraduate thesis paper. The most important piece of advice given to me was to pick a topic that I am passionate about as well as a topic drives me enough to continue on even when the work gets frustrating. Fortunately, I found just that. I have worked with dogs since I was seven years old in a variety of venues including herding, agility, obedience, confirmation, tracking, and rally. Thus, the lingo of the dog world comes second nature to me. I look forward to incorporating my passion and knowledge into this year long thesis paper. The topic I am hoping to write about is the use of dogs in the military during World War II. I want to evaluate the different breeds the military used for different jobs and the training.

I enthusiastically dove right into researching everything I could about war dogs, the Dogs for Defense program, K9 Corps, etc. However, I have hit a road block in terms of gathering scholarly source material. I spoke with the military history professor as well as the head reference librarian on campus. Both told me I had chosen an interesting and unique topic that has a plenty of primary sources to tap into. Unfortunately, the three of us were discourage when we find that this does not appear to be the case. I was able to get my hands on History of Dogs For Defense, which seems to be a great source, but I hope to find some more substantial literature.

I am a particularly stubborn person and refuse to give up on this topic, especially since the lack of literature feels like there is a lack of recognition of all those who served, two or four legged. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this long post. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated - event the smallest tip, piece of advice, a book to look at, etc. I want to dedicate my time and hard work into an important topic that matters and this is it for me.

Thanks again! Have a great day!

Re: College Thesis Research

I've been doing similar research, but more on the focus of legislation for the care, and respect given to Military Working Dogs. During my research I found the "Logan Haus Kennel," a West-Virginia based kennel that supplies mostly military trainers with Belgian Malinois, the preferred breed for elite special forces. I would also look up "Trikos International."

Try giving one of these guys a call or e-mail and see if they can help you out with more of the information you're looking for.