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RIP - Rondo vom Walldorfer Kreuz

I was wondering if anyone had information on my dear Rondo.

I know he was born May 27th, 2004 and retired in 2009. From there he went to one owner. That owner couldn't take him to Germany and he was taken in by a family.

In 2011, he came to live with us after that family couldn't keep him due to some of their personal issues. They had posted a flyer in Petco and although we really didn't need a third dog, I just couldn't get the flyer off my mind. I went back several hours later, took it home, and called them. I am so glad I did.

We were told that he worked with Interpol as a bomb and drug detection dog.

Since that time, he has been my buddy, my guardian, and brought my family immense joy.

Earlier this afternoon, his watch came to an end. He was my best friend and although it was only 2 1/2 years, I am so blessed that he came into our lives.

I had a hard time deciphering the first part of his ear tattoo due to fading, but I think it is M-E 4034.

Thank you for any information you can help with. I would be grateful for any record or story that anyone may have.