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Support Deployed Military w/Dogs at Home

Our family would like to help support deployed military with their dogs that are left at home, is there an agency that heads that up?

Re: Support Deployed Military w/Dogs at Home


I had watch Fox 25 (in Boston area) and there was an event on that station giving awards to dogs and also showing on stage, many dog pounds that are looking for people to adopt dogs. But what they also had on there was an organizatin which would place dogs that are owned by Military Men and Women and that are going overseas to people's home...like what you and I want to do.

I do not think they are Military War Dogs to be cared for, I believe they are home pets that need someone to care for them while their owners are deployed.

I was unable to get the name of the site/organization and I wrote to Fox 25 and requested information how to get involved to watch over the dogs while Military are deployed...well I never heard back from Fox25 so I do not know who to contact now.

But I just wanted to let you know that is what I had seen on that special show on Fox25 in December. Maybe you could try to write them and ask about that hour show, it was awesome show and very informative about the pets that are all over the US needing homes.

Good luck and hope you get an answer for your request.