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Looking for information on Patrol Dog, "Pepper". Ft. Bragg 1972- ??

At DOD school in Lackland in 1972, I was assigned to a green dog by the name of Pepper. He was donated from a family in San Diego if I remember correctly.Upon graduation, I returned to my unit at Ft. Bragg, and joined the new K9 unit there. I ETS's in Oct 74. Came back to see him a few years later. Pepper was always ALL business, but upon my visit I could see in his eyes that there was something familiar about me he sensed, yet he did no tail waggin'. Part of me would like to know what happened to him, yet another part of me doesn't. I loved that dog tremendously and he was an outstanding patrol dog, especially in building search and tracking. I remember my training NCO at Lackland was Sgt Whipple, super dog guy. Unfortunately I don't have his tatoo service number.


Mark R. Boudreau