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Bring Howard Home

I'm hoping you can give some help or advice as to how to get two vets back together again... Marine vet Alex Reimer and his buddy Howard. Alex was never notified that Howard was back & up for adoption. When Alex started trying to find some information about the dog he discovered he's owned by a police officer in Taylorstown, NC who is not treating him well. He is being chained to a tree without shelter or shoved into a carrier and muzzled. No way to treat a hero! Alex has PTDD and getting Howard would go a long way in helping him heal. If you can do or suggest anything that could help it would be greatly appreciated Please check out their website BRING HOWARD HOME.

Re: Bring Howard Home

Have you verified the story of mistreatment ?

What is the owners name, and what department does he work for.

I live about 75 miles from Taylorstown, NC and will be glad to stop by and talk with this guy if you are certain of your facts.

Semper Fi
Perry C. Money

Re: Bring Howard Home

Please see the Facebook page for ALL info. Bring Howard Home.
Thank you,