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care package questions

I have been trying to call both numbers and I never get an answer. I have some questions that I would like to talk to a person about

Re: care package questions

I have supported USWDA for years and I know they are busy but if you haven't sent an email to Ron then you could try that.

I have called Ron many times and if they don't pick up leave a message his organization is very busy and I would leave a message and just keep trying Ron.

Also, if you have questions about the shipping of packages and what to send, I could try to answer them since I have sent many to Ron for many years.

Good Luck, JoanMarie

my email: sedonanight@hotmail.com

Re: care package questions

I too have e-mailed three times in the last two months with no response whatsoever. I initially read about the organization on Barkpost. I send care packages to military men & women overseas and am very involved in dog rescue here in the States. Thought I'd love to combine the two and send needed items to the handler and dog teams overseas. To that effect, I requested that all my Christmas gifts be things from off the "needed items" list. I now have 3 huge boxes of dog items off the list and nowhere to send them. I would prefer to send them directly to the teams. So far I'm not impressed with this organization at all. This is my last attempt, then the items will be going to my local humane society.

Re: care package questions

I know this is a late response, but Chapter 3 in Kokomo, IN is always accepting donations.