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Alabama War Dogs Monument

I'm working as advisor on a board here in Birmingham Alabama that is building an "Alabama War Dogs Monument" here in the Birmingham Alabama Area. I arranged for Governor Bob Reilly to sign a proclamation declaring November 18th as Alabama War Dog Team Day.

But I need your help. Our web site will soon be up, and we will soon be making a public announcement about the monument. But we need all dog handlers that are either from the state of Alabama, live in Alabama, or are/were stationed in Alabama to send me your names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses so that we may contact you. We are planning on having a plaque with the names and dog names of all Alabama War Dog Handlers and their dogs at the monument.

Also in conjunction with the Library of Congress, we also need each of you to get with us so that you (if you want to) can make a recording of your military career, and be interviewed about your career. Your tape will then be put in the Library of Congress in a special section for Military Heros from all Wars so that future generations will be able to hear our bios, and know what we and our dogs did for America and for History.

Looking foward to hearing from you at williamrebecca@earthlink.net


Big Woof!

Bill Wigginton

Member, Board of Directors, National War Dog Monument

Member, Advisor, Alabama War Dogs Monument Committee

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