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Prince 776A

I sent a German Shepherd to Lackland AFB sometime between 1968 and 1970 (don't have his records anymore). I do know he was supposed to be trained as a sentry dog, and that if he failed the testing, he was to be returned to me. I have often wondered if he was one of those dogs left behind in Viet Nam. If any handler remembers Prince, I would appreciate hearing from him. Prince was a beautiful Shepherd, a lot of silver and some black. He was too protective for me to keep as I had small children at the time. In hindsight (30 years or so), I wish I had kept him and had him trained so that he could live out his life with us. But of course, *hindsight is 20/20*!

Anyway, any information would be most appreciated. I feel honored that I donated Prince to serve his country and hopefully he saved lives. I'll never forget him as I still have a picture of him. And since I'm one of those believers of the Rainbow Bridge, I feel that I will meet him again when my time on earth has ended.