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looking for the proffesional doghandler

Hallo!My name is Jelena Eklund and I’m from Europe from Estonia.I’m 30 y.o. I have 16 y. of experience training dogs in obedience and personal protection. I have been training in military sports with working dogs for 3 years and was a member of the Estonian National Team. As for now I’m a breeder of presa canarios dogs since 2000y. and I’m working not for quantity but for quality. Thanks to my breeding program I’ve got 2 excellent working bloodlines of presas and my plans now to join them together and get really functional and hard dog. Actually I don’t have the customers for such kind of dogs,but I breed these dogs because I just like their abilities. So that’s why I’m turning to you these dogs are needed in your field more than in ordinary civil live in Europe and I can not sell these kind of dogs to non-professional dog handlers. I love dogs and I like to see them happy and I know that their happiness is expressing of their working abilities and only experienced dogtrainers can let it happen in a right way, probably you are interested in this as well. Our upcoming litter will be expected in February in a case you are interested in this dog. The Dam and Sir are chosen just for their perfect functionality in both : anatomy and temperament. They are not heavy dogs but robust, agile and fast, excellent resisting longlasting phys.training. You can see them on my web site www.hot.ee/presacanario by click „puppies”.
The male is extremely hard dog, can stand a lot of pressure, very calm and confident, it doesn’t afraid nothing and fights to the end of its life. It is working like machine “ switch on - switch off”, it has very sound nerves. His name is Rambo. At the same time it is very loyal and kind with its family members,but doesn’t like strangers. Perfect guard dog.
The Dam is softer, but distrustful with strangers as well and it is defensive dog, very agile, with intensive prey drive and deep and strong grip. Its name is Vaira.
Both dogs are very alert, always ready for the action. Both have healthy and functional anatomy. Both dogs were never been teached for their abilities to defense and guard they just have it in their blood and showed it from very early age. Their desire to work and to please its owner are very strong. You can use such dog as guard and patrol dog, in home protection, in a track. Presa canario is not hectic and noisy dog, it is very intelligent and calm, confident at work.
If you have some interests for these puppies, please let me know as soon as possible, so we can talk about details then. I will give 2 years guarantee for the working abilities of the dog, within this period I’ll take it back and return you money in a case you are not satisfied with its work.

Best regards, Jelena