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Vietnam War Dogs

Has anyone been back to Vietnam in the last 10 years to find out the fate of the dogs left behind? Is there any new information on the abandonded heros aside from "they were left behind"?
I'd appreciate hearing any information on what became of the dogs that were left alive, and where the dogs the Army Brass ordered put to sleep rest, were buried. Is there any kind of a memorial for them in Nam?

Re: Vietnam War Dogs

Bobby, can you send me a link to the fox website? I typed it in but got nothing. Thanks

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I have a freind who has been back to Vietnam every year for the last 10 years. What he told me was that a lot of the site where there were dog camps are still off limits to visitors. He mentioned one in particular
The Marine Scout & Sentry Dog Camp on the south side of hill 327 at DaNang. We know there were quite a few Marine K9's buried there but the who area was off limits.

The other problem is that on two occasion thousands of dogs were turned over to the South Vietnam Army and I doubt there would be any records of what they did with our dogs. I prefer not to even think of how they handled our dogs or should I say killed them.

I'll stop now because I really get burned up thinking about what our military did to our dogs who deserved better.

Email me directly if you want any further information.

Re: Vietnam War Dogs

If you're still looking for info email me back. rashaw420@gmail.com. Got a story for you.