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This is a Disgrace

Please take the time to view the video at youtube.com
under the search K-9 Marines. This handler is a disgrace, his dog heels to the decoy, will not release on command so he kicks the dog, then chokes the dog. The running commentary describes, leash corrections and kicking dogs in the balls. As a civilian handler this is the worst. I have supported MWD handlers in Iraq over the past year and I am ashamed to have seen this.

Re: This is a Disgrace

Why are you ashamed ?

You did nothing either way.

Based on what I have read this individual is no longer in the Marine Corps, and is home in NY looking for new friends.

The video appears to be staged to send home to impress his buddies with what a bad ass he is.

As a combat veteran dog handler with the USMC and a veteran of 27 years of military service I can assure you that this is not the proper way to train or correct a Military Working Dog.

I saw a Marine get 45 days of hard labor for slapping his dog in Vietnam.

This is not, repeat is not the way it is done.

No wonder the guy is in NY looking for new friends, maybe he will kick them around also.

Semper Fi

Re: This is a Disgrace

I have to agree with Mr. Money. Why do you feel disgraced. It was one Marine who made it looked bad for other good Marine Dog handlers. If Mr. Money is right then this Marine is not even in the military any longer.
I would worry more about supporting the Marine K9 teams who are serving in Iraq and for their safety.