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Living WWII doghandler veterans

Hello. I am a high school history teacher who is working on a book on WW2 veterans. Does anyone know of any living dog handler vets. that I could contact? If so, I would be grateful. Thanks.

Re: Living WWII doghandler veterans

There are a few left.

If you will go to the following web site and click on "War Dog Units" you will find the names of (2) US Army WWII Dog Handlers, and the names of (10) USMC WWII Dog Handler ( vdha.us ).

Your next best place to look might just be the US Coast Guard as the largest numbers of dogs and handlers during WWII were in the service of the Coast Guard.

You might hurry as all WWII veterans are leaving very quickly.

Semper Fi
Perry C. Money
USMC MBT Dog Handler Vietnam

Re: Living WWII doghandler veterans

Perry. Thank you so very much! You are so correct as I have many WWII veteran friends and many have also died in the past few years. I had the privilege of interviewing one of the last remaining WW1 Veterans (Lloyd Brown- US Navy) in 2005 and he has also since died last spring.
Also thank you for your service. My school trys to do a lot to honor all of America's veterans and we have a group of Vietnam vets from our local legion post come in every year to speak with the kids.
God bless you!