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I am in AWE...TODAY is the DAY!!!

TODAY my husband and I make the journey I have hoped to take for 7 years! TODAY we travel to VA are are privileged to adopt our first retiring MWD, 10 year old Benny. We will bring him to his new forever home with gratitude,and awe at what he and his handlers have done for our country! We will love him for the rest of his days! Although, my husband is on active duty and has served in Iraq,I can't GO to serve...but I CAN serve in this way! I hope Benny is only the first MWD that we can lavish our love on throughout the years! Our heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to all handlers and MWDs. WE OWE YOU SO MUCH...I promise to faithfully spread the word and story to those who don't know. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Re: I am in AWE...TODAY is the DAY!!!

I picked up my dog a month ago from Travis AFB.
Ringo has been the most delightful and wonderful dog I have ever owned. He amazes me every day with is common sense and intelligence. He has even learned to get along with two cranky Persian cats.
I was a little reluctant to take a 10 year old BM, but I am absolutely overjoyed that my daughter talked me into it.
He's laying at the foot of my bed right now, watching out for "Bad Guys" so I can sleep securely.
What a wonderful dog!

Re: I am in AWE...TODAY is the DAY!!!

Rick that is SO COOL!!! I think most people wouldn't believe the wonderful pets these former MWDs make! Benny has become such an IMPORTANT part of our family in just two weeks. He is just such a joyful blessing to us all! He exhibits absolutely no animal agression (dogs OR cats)! He greets all animals with tail wagging...and all people with kindly interest...then after I make the introduction by allowing him to sniff their hand in mine...he is totally accepting of them. Benny seems to realize that he is here to stay...it's a PCS not a TDY!!! It just warms my heart that his expression has changed from PROFESSIONAL DOG to PLAYFUL BOY! He is really loving life now...and I feel so happy that my husband and I can play a role in his happiness!
MWDs ARE SUCH SPECIAL ANIMALS!!!!! They GIVE so much more than they get! Send me pics of your new family member!!! Blessings to you all!!!