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Binh Thuy Viet Nam 1965-66

Hello, I served at Binh Thuy Air Base, in the Delta near Can Tho, from 12-65 to 12-66 with my dear friend and guardian Ching A067, who stayed behind when I returned home. I would enjoy hearing from other handlers who were at Binh Thuy, particularly the one who worked with Ching after I left. Please respond on this site or email me at jadon56@yahoo.com

This site is a great service and brings back many memories. Thanks to whomever put it together.

Look forward to hearing from you. Jim Moriarty

Re: Binh Thuy Viet Nam 1965-66


Suggest you go to the 632nd SPS website.

There you wil find a list of dogs and handler who served at Binh Thuy.

Also suggest that you visit the Vietnam Dog Handlers Association website at VDHA.US, and there you will find information about the 632 and a bunch of in-country units.

Semper Fi
Perry C. Money