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trying to find out about my grandpas dog

i was talking to my dad today and he told me that my grandfather donated his dog to be a war dog. he also told me that the dog had recieved many ribbons and medals. does anyone know if there is a site i can go to and find out some more info about were my grandfathers dog served? what ribbons and medals were awarded? who was the handler? are there any pictures of the dog? stories? any info is very appreciated

Re: trying to find out about my grandpas dog


Most likely your grand father's dog was used by the USMC during WWII.

All USMC WWII records were recently located (found) at Camp Lejune, NC and transferred to the "National Archives" in Washington, DC.

You can contact the National Archives with the information you have and they can provided a complete copy of the records about the service of any of the USMC WWII Dobermans.

I'm not certain about how muh information they need, but call them and find out.

I'm certain that there is a charge for copies of the records, but I don't know how much.

Mike Limish provided the information about the discovery and transfer of the records during a conversation yesterday at Fort Benning, GA.

Semper Fi
Perry C. Money