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Ringo tatoo: 94xO Vietnam

Does anyone know or did you serve with Steve Thompson, from Augusta, Georgia? Navy dog handler. He got our family German Shepard, our beloved Ringo when he was about 1 year. Ringo was too over-protective of my sisters and I and bit all the neighbors. My dad was a Navy Vet (WWII) so sent Ringo to Navy for free. Ringo was a Sentry Dog, went to Lakeland then with Steve who also had some experience training dogs with Georgia State Patrol. From Lakeland he went with Steve on the USS Kitty Hawk to China Beach, Da Nang. Steve wrote to us. Had our address from Ringo's records. Still have one of the letters. Maybe someday Steve will see this. I can only thank him for all of his service and devotion. Hope he is well. Will always be very proud that my dad made the choice to enlist our beloved German Shepard Ringo to serve and protect.