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Info on MWD adoptions, etc. for Memorial Day event in CA

Hi there,
I'm a volunteer for all-breed dog rescue here in California, and I'm also involved in coordinating an annual Memorial Day celebration/fair at the Veterans' Memorial/Legion of Valor Museum in Fresno, CA.

Here's their website, if you're interested -

Having just recently learned of the military dog adoption program and the US War Dogs group, I would LOVE to somehow incorporate some info about it into our event this year. The event is attended by many vets and their families, and I think it would provide some great exposure for the dog adoption program, as well as educating the general public about the contributions of MWD's and their handlers.

Any advice you could give me on this endeavor would be much appreciated! If you know of anybody in California, who is involved with the MWD program and would be willing to volunteer their time to talk to the public at our event, we'd be happy to set up a booth for them. I was browsing your traveling exhibit info, but it seems to be mostly East Coast/South US based? I'd love to do/have something similar for our event here in California.

We can also possibly have some guest speaker time set aside as well, to honor the canine vets and promote the adoption program. And of course, if there is any literature, videos, etc. to hand out or display, that would be great as well.

Please email me at misfitz616@yahoo.com if you have any advice/info/ideas! Thanks!!

Shannon Fitzgerald