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Information if anyone has it

I'm looking to see if any of you know of an organization called Over There, LLC based in Riverside, California. They claim to have put together and sent over 1000 care packages to military K-9 Handlers and their dogs in Afghanistan and Kuwait, but I am unable to find ANY information on them. Can someone point me in the right direction? I'd like to find out if they are a legitimate organization. Thank you.

Re: Information if anyone has it

B. Crosby

I have never heard of this organization, sending care packages over to Iraq or Afghanistan. Doesn't mean they don't exist.

Our organization has sent over 4000 care package since we first sent our troops into Afghanistan. We have several ways that this can be done. Which I will list.
1. You may make a monetary donation and we purchase items and send them over to a K9 teams.
2. You can send us a care package and we will ship it to a K9 team for you.
3. We can supply you with a name and address of a K9 and you can ship directly to that team.

Note: #3 We must have your personal information, such as Name, address, phone to verify who you say you are. This is for security.

I hope this helps you.


Ron Aiello, President
US War Dogs Association