Pagan and Proud of it ! E Cards

The Art for the E card pictures you see are almost entirely my own creations , all images are under copy right. I am Proud that you find them worthy to share with your friends .. :) Please note this page takes a while to load up as the service is loading the full sized images . Thanks for your understanding .. :) The thumbnails in the slide box, dont show some of them in the view they deserve .. so do click on the thumbnail and it will show you the larger sized image You control all aspects of the Design , background, picture and text. You will be given Step by step directions on how to construct a card. Once it is finished, you can preview it and decide if it needs any changes. Changeing any part as needed ...Once you are happy with it, hit SEND and your friend will receive notification by e-mail that there is a Greeting Card waiting to be picked up. Enjoy... :) Please let me know if there are any problems ...

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Select the image for your Greeting Card from the scrollbox at right and preview your image below.
Click the image to select it for your card.


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