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Re: Gig Bag/Case

I talked with the owner before I bought mine and he said if there any issues with it fitting, I could return it with no problem. My Bon Temps is 13"x12"x6-3/4" and fits like a glove.

Re: Gig Bag/Case

The Acadien measures the same as the Bon Temps. The manufacturer dimensions look small, not sure why.

Re: Gig Bag/Case

I have two Peavey bags and my Martins fits perfect.
I also own a Falcon and it's more difficult to put that one in the Peavey bag.
The Falcon is a bit more wide.

Re: Gig Bag/Case

Oh thanks for your recommendation, I think it would be convenient to use this bag for transporting from my city to my property in France . I appreciate goods with great quality.

Re: Gig Bag/Case

You're very welcome. I think it will work fine. The zippers and the material feel like they are very good quality and will last. Happy to share. Like I said, I looked everywhere for Peavey bags or something else until I came across this one.

Re: Gig Bag/Case

Stagg ACB-120 - see link #1. $40 on Amazon. Carry handle + backpack straps. The bomb for the bucks.

Re: Gig Bag/Case

Nedro - That does look good for the money, but I was specifically looking for a bag with a shoulder strap and not backpack type. Just personal preference.

Re: Gig Bag/Case

Hey Clint,

Thanks for the heads up on these bags. I bought one and it is very high quality, maybe even better than the Peavey (of which I have two). It's a little more snug fitting than the Peavey, but it works.

I was disappointed when Peavey quit making theirs.


Re: Gig Bag/Case

You're very welcome. I felt the same way when Peavey discontinued theirs as well. But, I agree with you... these bags feel like they are better quality.

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