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"Where's that confounded bridge."

Any hints or methods on how to construct a turn from a known tune. Are there set rules or traditions to observe? Need to get some longer play time while watching the okra grow.

Re: "Where's that confounded bridge."

I suspect that there aren't any "rules" for a B-Part.

From what I've experienced, one will usually "kick-up" the B-Part rhythmetically ..
i.e., stray away from the cadence of the melody and replace it with
a barrage of 16th notes that usually follows the chord sequence .. but not always.


Re: "Where's that confounded bridge."

Thanks for the direction. Seems too easy. I always expect the more complicated.

Re: "Where's that confounded bridge."

I think Big has it right. Improvised usually follows the melody structure with a lot of harmonizing and grace notes.

Some jazz solos seem to launch into the a stratosphere and I find them hard to follow until they return to earth. :)

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