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Augusta Virtual

Augusta this year is all virtual. The 'cost' is minimum $100 and you have access to all lessons, jams, etc for the entire six weeks. A good time to learn a new instrument (I am brushing up on upright bass), new songs (though not as many as you would in a week long session). Obviously you don't get the dances and some other cool things. But it's well worth it. And supporting Augusta means that it will be able to come back in the future in all the ways we know and love.

Re: Augusta Virtual

Here's a list of some of the accordion courses:

Corey Porche - Grand Prairie Waltz, The Back Door

Jason Frey - Momou Hot Step

Chris Miller - Joe Falcon's Cowboy Rider (Wandering Aces Special), Saturday Night Waltz (Chere Bebe Creole)

Corey Ledet - Kinder Two Step, Chere Mignonne

Drew Simon - Accordion from scratch

Blake Miller - a couple of tunes

Re: Augusta Virtual

Blake: Tee Mone (Iry), Accordion Two Step (Tee Mone as a two step). Lots of useful licks and tricks.

Re: Augusta Virtual

I can't find the page

Re: Augusta Virtual


You have to sign up. $100 minimum to get a 'ticket'. Well worth it.


Re: Augusta Virtual

Thanks that won't happen

Re: Augusta Virtual

Hey Gene! I noticed I saw you in one of the zoom sessions, I think the Jane Vidrine one. We met at Folklore Village a few times!

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

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