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noticed as I was posting a while ago that this site is showing up as an unsecured site. have not had that issue ever on this site before, no changes on my computer, don't know what thats about. be aware and don't give away any sensitive info. while on here until its fixed.

Re: WTF?

You mean, like Greezy's real name? :)

Re: WTF?

now dats funny!

Re: WTF?

You People still talkin about me I see. Musta made an unforgettable impression. Well, yes, I'm known to do that sometime.

See Y'all on the bravenet when the cool weather starts up. That'd be around October or someting like dat I tink. That be if there is any new or old hidden accordion techniques or information on some Cajun Conspiracy that needs to be revealed or brought to the light. If I feel like it, and if Luna is in estrus that is......

Re: WTF?

You are so full of ****...

Re: WTF?

"Full of Love" Tommy? The only type people that would get offended by my previous comment are the same type people that I was trying to emulate. Are you a narcissist too Tommy? Hey, join the club meeannn! It's good to have company!

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