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How is everyone managing reduced-performing during the pandemic?

Just wondering how everyone is managing.

There have been countless festivals and ensuing gigs cancelled in my neck o’ the woods this summer.

How bout y’all? Same story? What do you do to fill the void until this all blows over?



Re: How is everyone managing reduced-performing during the pandemic?

Ave Biggus Nickus! (et alii)

Long time no see!
Every now and then I pick up my CA, and then I play some Cajun and trad. Irish stuff. Also, I still do a bit of lurking on the Forum. (twice a year or so) It hasn't changed a bit!
Since quite a while I have been playing old time fiddle with a little band,just for fun, although quite fanatically.
I still perform with my little accordion(s) and my own voice. But most of my gigs have been cancelled, so I just survive on my savings and a tiny pension. Just a few gigs a month, that's all. But I think it's the same all over the Planet. Hard times for musicians!
I'm glad that the Forum is still there, thanks to you, BN and all the others that contribute to it. Long may it live! (and survive the Covid Era)

All the best from Catmelodeon!:cat:

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