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Good luck with Laura!

Good luck to our friends in the SE Texas/SW Louisiana area! Let us know when you're safe!

Re: Good luck with Laura!

Live 30 miles NW of Houston. Retired Houston Firefighter. This will be my first hurricane that I haven’t had to work in my 33 year career. Looks like Houston will miss the bad weather. Port Arthur is the largest refinery town in the USA and expected to be hit really hard. This will be a vey devastating storm even though it supposed to be fast moving. The storm surge could get up yo 30’ in some areas. We lost about 2 dozen trees when hurricane Ike came through. Will be a cat 4 storm when it reaches land. 145 mph winds. We know what the wind can do. Steve.

Re: Good luck with Laura!

Thanks for your service!

Re: Good luck with Laura!

Holly Beach and Cameron can't catch a break! Cousins in Groves, TX were flooded by Ike.

Re: Good luck with Laura!

You don't want to know what I think about Laura. Got dam useless,unneeded hurricanes. All of them! If I ever find out that "they" are controlling/stirring these got dam storms, I'm buying a sniper rifle.

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