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blue house

hi folks!

please pray for the blue house.

God has placed it on my heart that it become a house of prayer- as well as a few other things-

there are a dozen or so churches within walking distance of the house-

it would be great to have a 24/7 house where we could always get together for prayer and encouragement-

it's good for the "eye" and "hand" and various other parts to get together, eh?

also pray for little old me- that i stand stronger against the enemy and my stupid flesh-

i feel all back-slidey all of a sudden-

take care when you think you stand lest you fall...

the house has dramatically improved and i seem less addicted- so praise God!

but we aint there yet, eh?

love in Christ!!!

Re: blue house

Praying for God to bring about His will in regard to the "blue house" and that He will strengthen you.