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A prophetic vision??

Dear friend, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Yesterday, I was sore afraid after watching this vision take place in front of me. I was told to spread it far and wide which I'm doing. I am just a regular person and I've never had anything like this happen to me. I ask that you pray about it in the spirit and see what the holy spirit says about it. If you feel right about it, please post it. AND, please, tell people not only on the computer but by word of mouth, also. You can contact me at "" or "" .

This morning, Nov.14, 2003,I had somewhat of a strange thing happen to me. I talk to the Lord all the time, and when one is very ill, it draws you into an even stronger relationship.

I am terminally ill and God Himself HAS spoken to me as He has millions in the world today.

People we are in the END times.

Now, for all of you who do not believe in visions or the voice of God, please stop reading now. It is not to be mocked.

For those who do believe that things like this are not only possible, but happen all the time, please take my and go on this journey with me....

"I was praying this morning and God was talking with me as I prayed. All of a sudden God said one word: 'WATCH'.

I was taken to the forum of the united nations where they do all of their dirty work. EVERY nation of the world had representatives there, from the smallest country to the largest nation.

There was a 'shadow man' behind the podium but, while I couldn't see anything about him, I was shown that he was clapping madly and a big smile was on him going from ear to ear.

Every nation was represented and the ambassadors and leaders from every nation were holding up the flags of their Homeland; even the United States Rep was holding and waving Ole Glory just as high as he could. Every person in that place were barely visible due to all of the waving flags.

The figure - the shadow - got on the microphone and said, 'The world has never seen, nor will it ever see again a happening of this magnitude! Shall we commence with the ceremony which is in my name for you.'

Every flag was lowered and everyone - EVERYONE - took out scissors. Ever leader and ambassador began cutting their respective flags in to tiny, tiny pieces which fell in to a trash been which had the new "United Nations of the World" on it and was circled by brambles circling two engraving on that logo. One was an eagle with its talons outstretched, one talon held a scroll and the other held a tiny world in it; theother was of a little child weeping happily. Even the trash bags the pieces of all the flags were printed with this logo.

After the time it took, the respective countries and nations began to clap, smile and embrace.

The Shadow said "This is a great day as we have come together instead of separating ourselves. We are ALL people and should be as ONE. Now, let us go into the Forum Garden, soon to be named 'the Garden for the World'. It has been prepared specifically for this occasion. Let us meet there together when the final event shall be completed."

Everone walked excitedly out in the garden carrying his little trashbin. The shadow then said,'Let us began with the least of these, for we have not shown them the compassion we should have shown them. In my name, I ask your forgiveness' Everyone clapped unanimously as they showed their sorrow and repented for their misdeeds in not showing these countries the same respect as they had been shown. In his name - the shadow figure - declared that, "

now that the world was one, those who had lost family members or friends on this date: ********, we will put every aspect of our military, now known as peacekeepers, to the task
of investigation into this mass disappearance."

"Let us began the Party!" the song from the old times began to play 'Its my party and I'll cry if I want to..." As the song played the procession commenced.

The first leader of the smallest country in the world, walked forward and dumped the cloth inside the bins into the circle that had been prepared for them. As theyfinished, and the last Nation, The United States of America, tossed, the ambassador in his effiminate and flamboyant way, made sure they last tiny piece of what had been Ole Glory - which had stood since its inception of our Republic - were in the pit, he joyously and flamoyantly waved to everyone making his shashy back to his place in the crowd.

"It IS FINISHED!!!!," cried Mr. Shadow,"Now let the climax begin!"

One of the peacekeepers stepped forward in a very brash way and with the "flame that will never go out" torch, he set the pit on fire.

"And let this be done in my name, because you wonderful people looked to me and not their own crooked politicians!" He - Mr. S