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Prayer Warriors wanted for my daughter

Hello, My name is Gail Stiles and I have been praying for wisdom for my 20yr old

daughter Deja God has answered this prayer with what i think I should be praying


I believe my daughters borfriend(Jason) is constantly beraiting my daughter for helping

people out, and for starting school. he is berating her in many ways So...I dont think

he wants her to be secessful.

I am asking prayer for Deja asking God to either have deja get out of this

relationship or move him to stop beraing all her secesses and attemeted seccesses at


So please if your a true Prayer Warrior please please come in agreemnet with me

and pray on your own for her.

Thank you in Christ Jesus name

Gail Stiles

Her mom.

I am sorry the spelling is so bad on this but please please pray for her.