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Prayer request for friends

To those who pray...

Some of you know that the Doctors found a spot on Kathy's dad's lung. They

did test and it originally came back neg. for cancer. This week with further

test, they found a spot on the liver and lymph node near the spot on the

lung. Then yesterday, with a needle biopsy, they determined that the spot on

the lung is malignant. We don't know anything else at this time. Next week,

we expect that they will know what type of cancer Lee has and probably their

recommendations for treatment.

Kathy, myself, our son Eric and his wife, and our daughter Katrina and her

boyfriend had already made vacation plans to visit family in Traverse City,

MI in August before we had found all this out. Pray that we would be a

shower of grace, strength, and encouragement during our visit.

Pray that Lee and the family would see God's provision and blessing

throughout this chapter in their lives and that family members would draw

close to Abba Father.

Thank You For Your Labor of Prayer For the Hoy Family!

Loving Him and You!

Sam Johns for Kathy