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Noble and Sherene

Dear Friends,

We have a friend who is in prison (Charles E. "Bill" Johnson Correctional Center in Alva, Oklahoma) who 12 years ago while I was a parole officer was my client and under my supervision. Since that time he has been saved but was still struggling at times with drug use. He has been in prison since last fall. His wife also was involved and was sent to treatment which she successfully completed. She is working and is trying to hang onto an old building that is split up into apartments that Noble inherited from his father. They had to mortgage it to pay for the attorney which was about 15,000. Now she is behind on the payments because of some apartments being unrentable as a result of damage during last winter's ice storm.

At present Noble can only call collect occassionaly and he thought that he had an opportunity to be transferred to a facility closer to his wife Sherene and where he might be able to better take care of their financial situation by contacting family. However, in the process of asking for help in doing this it has apparently angered his case manager who says he was trying to manipulate the staff. As a result he may have his good time taken away or be placed on a level where he would earn less good time. Normally one day comes off of a person's sentence for each day they serve but in addition if they behave additional days may be taken off their sentence called "good time."

Noble is now fearful that his efforts to help his family have only resulted in making things worse for him and them. Please pray for Noble and Sherene as they go through this difficult time in their lives. Please pray for those officials, supervisors and others involved in the decision about Noble status in regard to his "good time" and whether or not a transfer is granted for him to move closer to his family. Because of car problems Sherene is now unable to visit Noble (She lives at Weatherford, Oklahoma). They have two young children a daughter, Morgan (7) and a younger son, Malachi.

Over the course of my relationship with Noble and Sherene I have seen them so low and far away from God that I thought there was no hope. But I have always thought that if their lives turned around they had great potential for service to God. Both of them have developed a greater commitment in their faith as they have gone through all of this. I too have much invested in their lives and would like to see them succeed and reach the potential that God has for them in life.

Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness!!!

Ed Wrather