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WW2 Marine K9 Corp

I have a picture of my uncle with his corps dog, on Iwo Jima. Family lore says it was once on the cover of Stars and Stripes.

I am hoping that by contacting you I can find our more about the picture.


Re: WW2 Marine K9 Corp

Hi Sir, my name is Joseph H. Snyder.

I just want to say I have a true reverence and respect for your Grandfather and his War Dog serving in WW2
at Iwo Jima.

I am respectfully requesting to see the photo of your two warriors and to possibly ask if I would be able to use the photo to showcase them in my Coffee Company called "WAR DOG COFFEE" we Roast Coffee and also pay reverence to our War Dogs and our nation's Warriors!

I would also pay for the rights to use the photo if needed.

My cell is 907-250-7188 (Alaska)

I am retired military serving several tours in Afghanistan.
My Uncle served in the South Pacific during WW2.

Thanks so much for your time,

Joseph H. Snyder

Re: WW2 Marine K9 Corp

Hello Mr Snyder,

I am more interested in finding the Stars and Stripes issue.



Re: WW2 Marine K9 Corp

Hello Mr. Depesa,

Thanks for your response to my message. I will do my best research to help you find the issue of Stars and Stripes that you are looking for.

Please stay safe and healthy at this time.



Re: WW2 Marine K9 Corp

Mr. DePesa,

I researched and found a site for Stars and Stripes that may help you locate the edition that you are looking for.

The Archives for Stars and Strips can be found at:


I hope this helps Sir.