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Anderson AFB Guam's contribution to the Vietnam War

Your list of
"3,403,100 (Including 514,300 offshore) personnel served in the broader Southeast Asia Theater ( Vietnam , Laos , Cambodia , flight crews based in Thailand and sailors in adjacent South China Sea waters)."
has, I believe, a serious omission. In Operation Linebacker I & II, the major initiative of which occurred December 18, 1972 to December 29, 1972 much (perhaps most) of the bombing came out of Anderson AFB, Guam. I was stationed there as an avionics tech on B52s. We were flying "D" and "G" models 24-7 for the entire aforementioned major initiative except Christmas day, when we "stood down" for 24 hours. A significant number of B52s and their six-man crews were lost in that operation, and I believe their memories along with our service should be included in the Viet Nam War statistics. I respectfully request that your statistics be corrected.

Please correct your quoted statement to reflect our service and contributions.

Dennis J. Clouthier