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Re: Anyone remember ?

Christian, have you tried the archives to see if they have anything on him? You can search his name. I remember the show well, sure wich I had been recording it.

Re: Anyone remember ?

You might also try contacting the TV station. I'm sure they have all those old episodes of Passe Partout archived.

Passe Partout played on KLFY.

Re: Anyone remember ?

Another source would be Pete Bergeron at KRVS. And Cecil Fontenot at Floyd's Records in Ville Platte (Evangeline Parish).

And then start asking some of the older musicians still around..Marc and Ann Savoy would know about him. Tina Pilione at Savoy's music center did quite a bit of research of the early fiddlers in that area too.

Bonne chance, tee boy!


austin pitre?


austin pitre?


Re: Anyone remember ?

Seems Larry English got it right.

Looking at Swallow Records LP 6041 Austin Pitre and the Evangline Playboys.

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