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Re: Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

An argument without Jerry Moody is an argument not worth having. You're in good company Mr Greezy.

Re: Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

Greezy McGill
But alas, I have a problem, I cannot release this monumental instruction riff under the name of Greezy McGill

How about "Le Play-it-all à Nonc Greezy"?
You could even write a song or a tale to advertise it.

Re: Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

Aha! Bien merci por ca Cristienne! Ca c'est une bon nomme! Nonc Greezy from now on. No, wait a minute. That would make me feel kind of narcissistic. Claiming to be everyone's uncle. Good suggestion, but I just can't do that.

Re: Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

Nonc Greezy. The greatest of all time. The legend lives.

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