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Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom

Let us go forward in time and visit Dennis McGee in 1929-1930. The time when he recorded the music you can listen to on YouTube provided in link #2 or below in the video. A fiddle man with a repertoire of possibly over 500 Cajun songs as mentioned by Barry Ancelet and currently part of the archives. Especially, give a listen to the song named "Jeune Genes de la Campagne" @0:37:47. Now, you have to consider the fiddle came first before the accordion. And Dennis McGee would probably have a pretty good handle on these old fiddle tunes and their correct names!
Read the following quote which you can view for yourself provided in Link #1.

And I quote, "Cajun Music was first recorded on April 27, 1928 when Joe Falcon recorded "Allons a Lafayette", a spin-off of the older traditional tune "Jeunes Gens de la Campagne" (Young gents from the country). This piece was later recorded by Iry LeJeune as "Jeunes Filles de la Campagne" (Don't get married) - worded three different ways but basically the same tune."

Below is Dennis. Click on the "show more" button on the actual Youtube video to be able to negociate to the songs you want to hear. Remember 0:37:47.

And then Iry comes along years later in 1954 and records "Don't Get Married" which was eventually accepted by Cajuns by the name "Jeune Filles de la Campagne" by the wording in his lyrics. Notice the change of the word "Genes" to "Filles". Very slick of him don't you think? Ok, I'm spent for the day. It's just too much! More to come tomorrow evening or possibly the next morning early.

Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom - by AJ - Apr 14, 2017 10:10pm

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