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Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom

Eh umm. Hello everyone. I was asked to come here and share my point of view concerning Cajun slide of hand and trickery and how it applies to the songs known as "Jeune Genes de la Campagne" "Allons a Lafayette" and "Jeunes Filles de la Campagne" All three are pretty much the same song but different in a small and subtle way. "Allons a Lafayette" was created by playing the singing part of "Jeunes Genes/Fille de la Campagne" on accordion at the start of the song which contains that tricky "C" chord, followed by the turn or B-part which is very much in the key of "G". The B-Part of "Allons a Lafayette" is actually the A-part and only part of "Jeune Genes and Filles de la Campagne". It does not have a turn. It's turn is the singing melody of "Allons a Lafayette". I hope I did not lose you with all the back and forth. Below are the recordings of the "Royal Families" of Balfa Toujour and The Savoy-Doucet Band playing "Jeunes Filles and Jeunes Genes" respectfully. Two very good versions.

I have come to this discussion board before and commented on a few things. I exposed something about the Savoy-Doucet Band's cover picture for the Live at the Dance CD which you see above. You should open the actual YouTube video and expand it to full screen and really look close at all three of their instruments. Now this is my specialty! Subconscious Symbolism! LOL, Greezy is learning it well too. Look really close at those instruments. Fiddle in his right hand instead of in the correct left hand, his accordion turned completely upside down on the wrong knee, and her guitar not only on her left knee, but turned over upside down also. (This was not by accident!!) In fact, all this talk of the different accordion positions 1-3 was first introduced by the woman in this photo by way of a book she authored. If you don't think these people are capable of taking an old song and turning it backwards, confusing the living hell out of you, and calling it their own, then I have some ocean front property in Lafayette I'd like to sell you. But Ann acted honorably and listed all of the original artist of the songs they performed on the CD sleeve. She even included a few song lyrics and the translation. If they hadn't done that, they would have felt my deepest and most sincere RATH! Good to see all of you again, I hope I've been helpful. At this time, I will call the final witness. "The Keeper of the Blue Max" AKA "THE BLUE MAX". He is the chosen one! He and he alone will be the one to present the world with (The Blue Max Master's Riff). And with that, he will become the most honored accordion teacher of all time. If he ever completes that dam riff! Take it Blue!

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