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Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom

Hey everyone. This story comes to an end at a fitting time. Coinciding with the end of our Observations of Lent. I gave up smoking and drinking the hard liquor for Lent, and I can't wait till tomorrow so I can fill my lung with smoke and my belly and mind with Gentleman Jack! I've suffered profusely for giving up the things which I love the most in honor of the suffering of ole JC. The time is coming for me to make up for all that suffering. Haha. I am not a man of many words so I will leave you with my thoughts on "allons a Lafayette". The beginning of the song is pretty confusing. It can easily be mistaken for being a "C" song just due to the way the play progression feels on the accordion. The bellows don't get too extended for the a-part or melody of the song which is usually the case when you play in the 1st position on any accordion. In this case, the "C" accordion. It is very easy to play allons a Lafayette incorrectly for the a-part which is done dominately on the top half of the accordion key board. The turn is done from the middle on down. Best bet is to really take the time to listen to Joe Falcon do his thing and try to copy it exactly over and over again until you get it solid. I also recommend the recording by Harry Choates. It will help you to iron out any difficulties you may have not yet gotten. And on that note, I will leave you with a link that talks about the great Harry Choates and his final days on this Earth. Let it remind you that you should not beat your head against the wall about songs like "Allons a Lafayette". Just do your best and know that you are not alone in your struggles. There are many brothers out here that are having or have had the same exact problem.
The link to the tragic story of Harry Choates is right down there. See it?

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