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Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom

In point of fact, listen to just how diverse Belton Richard was.

If you listen to Belton Richards recordings under Belton Richard Topic on youtube (84 videos), and listen to the Adam Hebert collection, you're going to begin to see where Steven Riley got most of his tricks. You're going to realize that your "Hero" isn't all that special. You're going to realize how "put on" he actually is. A pretty boy that can play the accordion. He claimed that his mentors were Dewey Balfa and Octa Clark as a way to boost his prestige. Well, evidently, Steven's real hero was Belton Richard. But how often do you hear him actually admit to that? Oh, he used a lot of Dewey Balfa's stuff too, don't get me wrong. But it was strategically planned and done in such a way that it would eventually place himself as "The Accordion King". Even though he borrowed every got dam thing he knows from other musicians! Oh, I better stop! My neck is starting to get hot and my blood pressure is rising. Anger is setting in................

And by the way, while we're starting to expose the cover ups, I am one of the few people who actually knows who Wayne Toups' first mentor for the accordion was. But you won't ever hear Wayne admit to it. It just so happens that my first mentor was the same person that Wayne refuses to acknowledge. No, this old man wasn't popular enough for Wayne. Instead, Wayne claimed Walter Mouton as his true mentor. And what do Walter Mouton and Belton Richarc have in common? B-flat accordions and 3rd position trickery. I'll stop there. Get out your knee high rubber boots boys cause the sh** is about to get deep up in here!

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