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Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom

Well said Nedro. I guess it comes off as such, but I'm not trying to discredit Steven Riley totally. I am however, using his name and what he has done as an example. Remember, I personally loved Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. Bought every CD up to the 10th CD. Would follow them around like a lost kitten. I was there the night they got fired from ever playing again at the Whiskey River Landing.(I got the first hand scoop from the owner of the place.) I learned to play just like Steve Riley for many of those songs he redid. Then I had an epic realization when YouTube started to get hot on Cajun music. I realized that there were all kinds of accordion players mimicking Steve Riley, and I suddenly felt stupid for having done the same thing. I watched and listened as Kevin Naquin shamelessly copied Steve Riley's style lick for lick and actually re-recorded Steve Riley's songs on several of his own CD's. I mean really, how low can you actually go? I started to feel like I was in accordion hell! I told everyone I quit playing accordion and I saved them up high on the top shelf of our spare room closet so it was out of sight. I sold that got dam confounded Bb flat accordion as soon as I could because it represented Steve Riley. I had no other reason to have spent so much money on a Bb accordion.

After 5 years I began to get the itch. I was missing my accordion again. I grabbed it one day, my old reliable "D" accordion, and begin to play the original, traditional way I first learned to play, and a got dam lightning bolt went off in my head. Play the old style and only the old style! The style of the common old farmer / accordion player. The style that first attracted me to the accordion. The style of my Grandfather. His style was the style of the true masters. The True Accordion Kings.

And thanks for saying that Steven Riley learned from Marc Savoy. I never wanted to say that because I wasn't sure. I know Marc personally, and he never mentioned not once, not ever, to me or anyone else in the circle that he taught Steven how to play. But I knew Steven hung around him in his novice years. Someone purposely groomed Steve Riley to become an icon. I got dam well know he didn't learn what he learned from any of those cheesy, vague accordion instruction videos that these supposed Cajun accordion masters put out these days and back then. All designed to keep you chasing a carrot on a stick that you'll never catch. All designed to make you want more and be willing to pay for the next one. Steve Riley did the exact same thing with his instruction video. You shall know them by their works.

Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom

Just thought to rap it up with a documentary of the Falco'ns.

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