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Re: Reed banks / register orientation (for builders / techies)


Thanks for chiming in.

Meloderon, I honestly could not tell whether reed block position has an impact on the tone (provided the orientation - flat or standup - is the same).
What I can say is on my Hohner HA114s (all reed blocks are standup), I do hear a little difference between the two M reed banks. The lower reed bank (closer to the fingerboard) has a bit less edge (presence / treble) than the upper reed bank (away from the keyboard). This could be to the position of the reeds. It is also not a fair comparison since one M reed block is attached to the big L reed block, while the other M reed block is attached to the smaller H reed block. I would bet real money this has an impact on the tone, perhaps more than the position itself.

Bryan, I decided to open up my accordion (C box Evangeline) and yes, it's definitely too cramped down there to even think about laying the L block flat. However, just as you say, it might be possible to do it on a high pitched box (like F) with smaller reeds. Perhaps fattening up the L reed bank (laying it flat) could yield promising results.

It is kinda interesting my Evangeline has the L and one M blocks reversed. This accordion seems to have a couple unusual features. I'd love to discuss this with the builder as he probably did this on purpose.
Contrary to your findings Bryan, I don't hear much difference in overall volume between the 2 M banks ON MY ACCORDION (yes it's a sample of one, so take it with a grain of salt!). I do notive though that the flat reed bank is fuller while the standup one is thinner and more piercing. The difference is quite dramatic. The two together gives a full broad frequency range (BTW all the reeds are Binci Professional).

Now, while messing around with my stops, I noticed that 2 reeds do not sound on the push (button 10). They're not broken, the reed tongues are all there and shiny but they do not sound for the life of me. How can I fix that?

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