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Re: Accordion Kama Sutra - What's your position?

Don't forget the 7th position, key of B – you'll need that for playing "Smoke on the Water" :O

Re: Accordion Kama Sutra - What's your position?

Pahahahaha Nate. Believe it or not, that was the very first song I learned on an electric guitar myself. But it wasn't in any particular key, I picked it out one string and note at a time. And I did that without any marijuwanna in my system. I was 7 years old. Hadn't started smoking yet.

Stop being sarcastic. You had better believe like you believe in Jeezus that there is a 4th position on that got dam accordion. In fact, I'm about to post a song on the other discussion about "Finally a way to Master the 4th" that is in the 4th position on a "D" accordion which would be the key of "E". Go have a listen. Don't let it spook you.

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